Maldives Autism Association (MAA) was founded on 21st January 2010 by Ilham Hussain. She became aware of the importance of educating and helping children with Autism when she worked as a teacher at an autism center in New York.

She came back to Maldives and talked to countless mothers who confided in her that their children needed a haven outside of mainstream schools to thrive and excel to their full capabilities. Determined to create an educational and safe space for these children, Ilham, with support from her husband, Dr. Mohammed Waheed, opened the Maldives Autism Association, which now caters to over 100 plus children.

"Growth is never by mere chance. It is a result of forces working together"
Autism treatment center of America
Board Members
Ilham Hussain
Chair-person & Founder
Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan
Special Adviser
Ifham Hussain
Board Member
Dr. Ismail Shafeeu
Board Member & CEO
Dr. Abdullah Nazeer
Board Member
Hishma Thaufeeq
Board Member
Hassan Shaheel
Board Member
Aiminath Ismail
Board Member
Shafeenaz Saeed
Mariyam Bathsa
Special Teacher
Haasina Abdul Azeez
Assistant Speech Therapist
Aminath Jila Hassan
Special Teacher
Junna Ahmed
Special Teacher
Aishath Lahfa Shakir
Administrative Officer
Lucía Carrascosa Muñoz
Educational Psycologist
Aishath Amane
Administrative Officer
Wilhelmmina Dalce Mongado
Occupational Therapist
Mariyam Muslima
Assistant Psycologist
Fathimath Nuha Shakir
Special Teacher
Mariyam Naeema
Special Teacher
Aiminath Nuzuha
Special Teacher
Preema D Souza
Speech Therapist
Hawwa Rishma
Special Teacher
Fathimath Saaniha Salih
Assistant Psycologist
Shamsiyya Ali
Senior Administrative Officer
Shazweena Ahmed
Special Teacher
Fathmath Shizny Ahmed
Special Teacher
Aminath Zeena
Special Teacher
Mariyam Hudha Hussain
Special Teacher
Asma Rasheed
Special Teacher
Shafeenaz Saeed
Program Director
Aishath Sheryn
Operations Director

Our association is driven  by the belief that individualized intervention would assist children with ASDs to overcome a wide range of developmental, behavioral and learning difficulties. 

We believe that children with ASDs and their families can become participating members of the community. 


Our values

Compassionately look after, respect, support and celebrate children and families.

Empower and enrich through training and education, 

Ensure safety, inclusively and accessibility.